homogeneous atomizing quality

The compressed-air driven high-speed rotary turbine was specially developed for this purpose. Unintentional variations of the spraying pattern are impossible. The speed of rotation ot the virtually maintenance free turbine is constantly controlled. Due to the exact dosing and speed control an optimal atomization for a wide range of flow rates and also for High solids can be ensured. The high-tension technology is designed to eliminate any edge interference, field interference or counterpotentials.




 The charging of the line can be effected by hand or automatically. The substrates are laid on the transport belt. As transport means paper or foil can be used. The substrate is transported from the entry through the spraying booth to the exit.

Within the spraying booth the substrates are coated with ink which is atomized by a rapidly rotary bell and charged with high voltage.

The distance between the atomizing bell and the substrate can be continously adjusted by motor.

A continiously adjustable gear pump supplies the high speed rotary bell directly from the ink drum. In case that several ink have to be held available, each of them is provided with a pump and a branch hose to the atomizer. In this way changes from one ink to another can be effected in a few seconds by a short flush of the bell.

Also conductive ink can be sprayed because of the special design. Near the exit after having left the spray booth the boards are transported through a flash-off zone where highly volatile solvents evaporate.

Air is cleaned with finest filter before entering the spray booth.

The spray cabine is under light pressure to prevent outer influences like dust etc. from entering. Possibly escaping solvent

emissions are sucked off in the entry and exit zones to prevent spoiling solvent emissions from entering the cabine and disturbing the operation staff's work.

The air from the inside of the booth is sucked out via filtering mats fixed on both sides of the transport belt within the  booth.

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