The Technology

The name CORESOL stands for a coating technology, which utilizes a method, whose advantages have already been gained for a long time in other fields of surface coating: the technology of electrostatic spray coating.

With this technology resists and solder masks can be sprayed on flat substrates like circuit boards, inner layers, hybrids, wafers and LCDs. High voltage ink is atomized into fine droplets by a rotary bell at speeds of 40000 RPM/min. The droplets follow the electrostatic field lines from the atomizing apparatus to the substrate and in this way achieve a homogeneous ink distribution.

During this process the substrates to be coated are lead through underneath the spraying apparatus. In this way an optimal ink exploitation and layer distribution are achieved as the electrostatic field lines have the same direction as gravity.

There is no preferred direction for spraying, but in any case a homogeneous structure is attained because of the equipartitional approach direction of the ink particles. Owing to the dropletwise structure of the ink layer air occlusions are prevented. The result in case of conductor traces is an extroordinarily good coverage even of undercuts. In this way higher dissolutions for following processings as with comparable techniques are enabled.

With the application of the electrostatic method holes in the substrate remain mostly free of ink.

For electrostatic high rotary coating ink of a viscosity up to 300 sec. (measured with a DIN 4 cup) can be utilized.

Therefore the solids content of ink can be increased, which is advantageous for the structure of higher layer thicknesses.

The CORESOL machines has been especially designed for the coating of wafers, LCDs, PCBs and  hybrids.


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