The 400/600 Series are special for the spraycoating of a wide range of coatingmaterials and substrates as Positiv- and Negativresist, Soldermask,Polyimid, ThickLayer on Struktures with high circuits and applications of mikrosystems.
Thick- and ThinCoating of Photomaterial with high Viscosity.
ResistLayers up to a thickness of some 100m can be applied with one coatingStep.
So the costs are reduced and the efficiency increased.


Depending on substate-dimensions and production-volume
there are different machines available:

Laboratory equipment 400 LAB


Typical application:

 ResistCoating on wafer, ceramics and sensors

 operation area ( length x width) : approx. 2 x 1 m

 you may connect a continous drier optionally

Produktion equipment 600 EB


Typical application:

Sodermask on PCBs

Length of a complete line:
approx. 4 m + length of the drier

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