The CORESOL technology enables:

  • The automation of your PCB-production
  • An extremely flexible level of compatibility featuring quick adjustmant of the unit to suit varying workpieces ans systems of lacquering. The systenm also accomodates irregular and sructured workpieces.
  • A marked improvement in the coating quality, due to the fact, that the method is contact-free and operates without circulating flow of laquer.


 An outstanding applicating system for photosensitive materials in the production of thin film on substrates like wafers, LCD´s and hybrid integrated circuits.

The name CORESOL stands for a coating technology, which utilizes a method, whose advantages have already been gained for a long time in other fields of surface coating: the technology of electrostatic spray coating.

With this technology resists and solder masks can be sprayed on flat substrates like circuit boards, inner layers, hybrids, wafers and LCDs.

    From now on printed circuit board coating is more economical, and more precise.

    The CORESOL system sets new standards of quality in the electrostatic liquid resists coating of circuit boards.

    The process meets the requirements of complex circuits and the SMD Technology.

    The CORESOL concept also includes future solutions for structures with minimal pitches.

     It is the result of intensive research together with the resist-manufacturers and users.


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